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 VersionVersion notesShort description
Agenda overzicht1.01.0 - First managed versionAgenda overzicht
Alert1.01.0 - First managed version
Article1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for Article pages
Article form1.01.0 - First managed versionForm to create/edit articles
Article form check1.01.0 - First managed versionI am the Article form check template
Article form red
Article form template
Article test
Articles overview1.01.0 - First managed versionArticles Overview
Auteur1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for Auteur pages
Auteur form1.01.0 - First managed versionForm to create/edit Accounts
Auteurs overzicht1.01.0 - First managed versionAuteurs overzicht
Autoincrement1.01.0 - First managed versionAdds +1 to a var and parses the value. Default var name is "NUMBER" if not specified through parameter. (Eligible for conversion to Module:Autoincrement)
Bijdragen1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for "Bijdragen" page
  • First version
Busy season talks1.01.0 - First managed version
Button with form1.01.0 - First managed version
Close table1.01.0 - First managed versionThis template is sometimes used as "outrotemplate" for smw queries
Contributions card
Create a book card
Create an article card
Create article form
Create podcast form
Dropdown link1.11.1 - Changed the link for Href to Widget:Link so it doens't open in a new tab 1.0 - First versionFor dropdown links in the nav menu
Edit author1.01.0 - First managed versionForm to create/edit articles
Edit form
Edit related portal form
Fa1.011.0 - First managed version 1.01 - There was an error that lead to always data-toggle
Facts card
Featured article card1.01.0 - First managed versionFeatured article card
Featured video1.01.0 - First managed versionFeatured video card
Feedback button1.01.0 - First managed versionButton for users to give feedback on Auditpedia
Feedback email template
Feedback form1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for feedback form
Home1.01.0 - First managed version
Improve portal content
Infocard1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for standardizing cards with info tab and edit tab
Item responsive1.01.0 - First managed version
Lock article
Login button1.11.1 - added OAuth login button for logging in through (only visible if the special page exists) 1.0 - First managed version. Added this to basic managed items.Login and logout button (when user is logged in, the logout button is shown, else the login button)
Managedeen punt nulwaarschijnlijk ben ik het Managed template
Mijn template
NBA agenda item1.01.0 - First managed version
Newest article card1.01.0 - First managed version
Over Auditpedia1.01.0 - First managed versionTemplate for "Over Auditpedia" page
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